Riverside Golf Academy Rates

Range Rates

  • Warm-up Basket (45 Balls): $5.00
  • Large Basket (75 Balls): $8.00
  • Jumbo Basket (150 Balls): $15.00

Range Cards

  • 12 Large Baskets: $70.00save $26
  • 25 Large Baskets: $130.00save $70

Pull Carts: $2.00

Par 3 Course

  • Monday – Friday: $8.00
  • Weekend/Holidays: $9.00
  • 2nd 9 Holes: $5.00
  • 25 Play Pass Anytime: $125.00
    This is a 25 play card which can be used anytime; weekdays, weekends or holidays.
  • 25 Play Pass Mon-Fri: $100.00
    This card is a 25 play card which can be used any day Monday-Friday.

Indoor Putting Green

  • Daily: $2.00This is the daily fee for the indoor putting green.
  • Yearly Pass: $30.00This allows you to use the indoor putting green at any time during the year.
Playing Lessons – $55 per hour

This lesson involves working on course management skills and talking your way through the golf course. Let our Professionals analyze your game and give you pointers for your “on course” improvement. This will ultimately give you the confidence of taking your range game to the golf course. Sign up with one of our professionals today!

Driver Fitting – $75

We’ll test your driver against other leading drivers on the market to figure out which driver will best help your game.

Fairway / Hybrid Fitting – $75

Need help hitting the longer clubs? Our fitting process will help you find the right head, shaft, and loft combination to lower your scores.

Iron Fitting – $75

Getting your irons properly fit to match your stature is the key to dropping those scores. Once the clubs are fit to your needs, your shots will be hit more solidly and the results will speak for themselves.

Wedge Fitting – $50

Need to know what wedge to hit for those close shots? Our wedge fitting will allow you to understand what lofts and bounces you need to fill all those gaps in your short game.

Ball Fitting – $50

Our ball fitting will allow you to see exactly what ball you hit the best based on the criteria you are looking for in a golf ball.

Putter Fitting – $15

Do you keep pushing and/or pulling putts? Our putter fitting will make sure your putter is the right length and has the right loft and lie angle to help you putt your best.

Complete Set Fitting – $250

A Complete Set Fitting includes a Driver Fitting, Fairway/Hybrid Fitting, Iron Fitting, Wedge Fitting, Ball Fitting, and Putter Fitting to help you play your best throughout your entire set.

Gap Analysis – $75

Our Gap Analysis gives you the ability to accurately know how far you hit each club based on your lofts. We can then adjust your set to appropriately reflect accurate yardages in between clubs. No More Guessing!